• Japanese cuisine, fascinating, amazing, aesthetic, wedding, anniversary, birthday, gift

    Japanese lacquer shop "saiga"

    They are ideal for gifts, such as weddings, anniversaries, special days, and for people who would like to enrich their own lives

    with the real and complete aesthetic of Japanese cuisine and interior decoration.

  • It makes your life beautiful.

    Special chopsticks bring food to you with something wonder.


    Round pillar

    The black chopsticks ebony with gold. The red chopsticks rosewood with silver.




    Round pillar Gift Box

    A pair of chopsticks and chopsticks rests

    Black (23cm, 9.06inches) Red (21cm, 8.27inches)

    us$320.00- (0.317BTC)




    Square pole

    A pair of chopsticks (ebony with gold & ebony with silver) and a pair of chopsticks rests.




    Square pole Gift Box

    A pair of chopsticks (ebony with gold & ebony with silver) and a pair of chopsticks rests

    Gold & silver (23cm, 9.06inches)

    us$320.00- (0.317BTC)

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  • The others goods

    "Oshiki" plates


    for evrythinig

    Originally in cooking given in a tea-ceremony room.
    It is the tray which adapt itself to the small place, and is compact.

    Use it as plate

    for appetizer

    White cheese is arranged in black plate or red plate are more beautiful. It looks more tasty than it on a white plate.

    Use it as tray

    for tea time

    The plate is the perfect size for a tea time


    Do you want to put a cake on it?

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